The Cobby Type Cat and Foreign Types of Cat

The Cobby Type Cat
Cats present two basic corporal constitutions. Those of the first type are denominated Cobby and are part of it the short hair European cat and the Persian.

Their characteristics are a robust and compact body, with wide chest, loin and hindquarters, short legs and till, and a flat and round head.

In this ample definition there exists a considerable margin for variations. For example, a cat with a rounded head may have a medium or flat nose, medium or small ears, somewhat nearer to the nose, eyes, etc.

Most of the alley cats are of the cobby type, the same as the typical cats in children stories.

Foreign Types of Cat
At the other extreme, for example, there is the Siamese, of the type denominated foreign In this context, the term foreign doesn’t have any geographical connotation; it simply signifies, in the feline context, that it is not a cobby.

The extreme cases of foreign type, as the Siamese, are denominated as oriental types.

The foreign or oriental corporal constitution type is slender and agile, with a narrow head in form of a wedge, and long leg. It usually gives the impression of elegance; its movements ate light and sinuous.

According to some biologists the cobby type has its origins in the European wild cat (felis silvestris), while the foreign or oriental type descends from the African wild cat (felis libyca), maybe crossed with the jungle cat (felis chaus) and with the manul cat (felis manul). But these are nothing more than conjectures and with the race crossings occurred during the five thousand years of contact between humans and cats (not to mention those before).

The genetic journey of the implied species probably has thousands of crossings.

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