The Experience of Cat Exhibition

A cat exhibition is very different from that of a dog. The best dogs are exhibitionist that enjoy of the events atmosphere and of the opportunity to make use of their ability before the public. It also depends very much of the owners capacity to get the best out of the dog.

The world of cat exhibits has nothing to do with it. The day of the exhibition, the cat is worth due to its own merits; the work of the owner must be done before. Cats with experience in the world of exhibitions, at best show themselves phlegmatic, without showing pleasure or displeasure during the process.

However, not all cats are apt to be exhibited. Some don’t like to be bathed or to have the necessary intense embellishment, others don’t like to travel, while others don’t get to adapt to the atmosphere of the exhibition.

If a person has made the decision of participating in exhibitions, the most  recommendable is to acquire a kitten and to train him to that end, getting him used to being handled by strangers, to submit himself to an intense embellishment and to travel long distances.

On the other hand, it is also possible to enjoy the world of cat exhibits without being the exhibitionists.

To organize an exhibitor requires of much work and personnel, for which it always useful to have more collaboration, even it if only is to control the entrances or to do jobs behind the stage, as is preparing the cages or room of exhibitions.

The Judges
The judges, the commissaries and the secretaries compose the key personnel in an exhibition.

The judges are always experts in one or several concrete races, that have breeding experience and that have exhibited the race in question, maybe first as a commissary and then as a practicing judge.

The job of a judge in an exhibition is not easy. The judge knows nothing about the cat he has on the table, except that he must have the required number of points or minimum required certificates to participate in a determined level.

Cats are anonymous and don’t have any identification of their owners. The judge only has a limited time to inspect the cat and to evaluate him in comparison to the others. He will make notations and, when the examination is finished, he will compare values before announcing the winner.

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