The Female Cats Love Life

Feline Heat
Sexual activity of a cat is periodic. If you pay close attention, you will notice that those crazy days are announced by a special behavior of needing attention. Cats become very flattering and want to be caressed. They often meow with a deep tone. They feel especially good when being tickled and they like to move their tail rubbing against people’s legs. 

Cats are able to procreate at the tender age of six or seven months. However, it depends a lot on the corporal development, which can be calculated simply by weighing her. Generally an average weight between 2 to 2.5kg is a condition for sexual maturity. Intervals between periods are very different from one animal to another one and vary notably according to the type of upbringing. You could say that cats live at liberty, meaning in a very natural way, their sexual activity rests from October until January. 

Domestic cats do not guide themselves from weather stations. Their rhythm shows in a natural way during the whole year, with pause only during two to three weeks. You can already see that science is not of great help. There is nothing left than to watch the sexual conduct of our cat to make uncertain prediction. Surely, it is the female that decides if its taken or not by a vigorous cat. Unlike many other animals, and also persons; ovulation unchains from mating. Agitation is tremendous during a brief time and cats must make a great effort. Then, the period of heat ends very fast. After several fast mates, lasting approximately four to six days, if the female cat does not have a male cat, it can prolong from ten to fourteen days; and longer days is not strange either. Copulation has a stormy course and lasts only seconds. Cats must extremely curl up and separate aside the tail to make possible the introduction of the penis, directed backwards. Cats hold the female with their teeth by the back of the neck. This is useful to know when dealing with rebellious cats since catching them from the back of the neck results familiar to them. As soon as he has started his loving task, it has to end. The female cat shoots a sharp scream and throws herself against her lover mad and hissing. The male runs off upset and licks off any possible scratches. However, cat’s intentions change very quickly. Again, it gets closer to the male, this one distrusted, behaving as an affectionate flattering kitten and this takes place to a second part and many more to come.  So now you know why they return home tired and exhausted after one night. During the day you see how they lick their scratches and are barely there for anyone since they are tired. Females will also be tired. Hormones start to decline in a space of 24 hours and female cats start to be calm, nice and good again. Their slim body will become round soon. 

There is nothing better than to watch kittens and how passionate the mother is with them. You have to see if your house is suitable to keep a whole litter of kittens. If not you can also think about selling them. Around ten percent of cats become in heat again and are willing to have more love during pregnancy. They can conceive again and have kittens twice in a consecutive way. This curious phenomenon also happens with rabbits. Without anyone noticing, it can be in heat again while proudly breast-feeding her kittens. Cats can be fertilized almost always. If you want to do something about it, do it fast.  There is a big list of possibilities that can be applied to solving the complicated problem of fecundity. Obviously cat breeders have other kind of problems. Breeding cats is not simple and has their own laws. Breeders often nod their head when they hear about the overflowing fertility of common cats. 

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