The First American Cat Breed

What happened  there after was in certain way a mystery, but the fact is that in 1904 Mrs. Cathcart registered the first shorthaired cat born in America, buster brown, “of parents unknown”.

This way it a new custom was inaugurated and was maintained in the American Feline environment during several decades sand it is still tolerated on some feline associations of the United States: the registry of short haired cats and whelps without pedigree always that they fulfill the standards.

This practice received the approval of the cat fanciers’ association in 1971, when a cat without pedigree was elected as the best American shorthaired of the year. The race, which had develop slowly up on to the fifties, was now the most popular.

In the first years, the acknowledgment of the new race provoked some terminology disagreements between the American Feline Associations.

Initially the race was baptized as “shorthair” and also received several names, as is domestic shorthair and American domestic shorthair, until that in 1966 most of the associations accepted the term of American of short hair.

In Europe this race is not acknowledged.

The American Variety
Although the breeding of the American short hair began with British exemplar, the taste of the American breeders have taken the race into a different direction, reinforced by the crossings with native cats of the continent; although it is a race clearly related with the European of short hair is less robust.

It is also more muscular, but has a lighter skeleton and a less “rough” aspect than that of its parents from across the Atlantic, although it has the same bold character.

Its hair is short and hard, less velvet like than that of the European and thicker in winter, maybe as a reflex to the climate of the northern part of the United States.

The head is big, somewhat more longer than wide, instead of rounded, as in the British standard. The neck is thinner and more pronounced and the ears are taller. The tail is usually longer than that of the European and not as pointed, and the legs, are also longer.

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