The Javanese Cat

The Javanese, the same as the Balinese, doesn’t have any geographical with the Indonesian isle that gives them its name.

In the United States Feline Environment, it is simply a name coined to regroup certain non recognized colors within the Balinese race by the US cat Fanciers’ Association.

This colors are precisely the four varieties proper of the Siamese, that is, the seal color point, blue color point, lilac color point and chocolate color point. In all the aspects, except for the color, the Javanese is exactly the same as the Balinese.

It has the same constitution, cloak and identical features, and it also doesn’t like to be alone.

But here doesn’t end the confusion of the terminology. The situation gets more complicated if we have in account that the International Feline Federation, as all its association members, have adopted  the denomination of Javanese to identify the race that in the United States is denominated oriental longhair, that is, a Balinese without colored ends.

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