The Male Cats Love Life

Thanks to your cares, your cat starts growing vigorous. Let’s suppose your cat has the possibility of going out around your house. Doesn’t it call your attention that you see robust cats appear around your house at night? Be careful because this can finish with a litter of kittens. A quick inspection will tell us by the presence of testicles that it is a male and not a female. It will start taking long walks at night at a tender age, probably before sexual maturity. Experimented adult cats guide other cats to their meetings that not always have a sexual motive.  From time to time, they sit in a circle and meow. It is said that the young one is then accepted this way in the feline brotherhood. It is allowed to participate a little more in singings and their inexperience is tolerated. They would like to be completely involved, but they screw up. Then you will see it at home, all scratched and bitten. However, little by little, they have more strength and experience and their night adventures become more serious and dangerous. They start to mark their territory around the house. So the ones outside the house, know who the boss is, they mark strategic points of the house with their urine. You shouldn’t consent neither uncontrolled outings nor marking territory of your home. Sooner or later it will come back hurt from one of the night adventures, if it comes back. In the urban areas, car accidents are always an everyday danger; and in rural areas, cats are threatened by gunshots. Besides all the numerous diseases they can be get.

What advantages does a cat have that is all day at home; tired and then at night wanders off? It will only be accepted by someone that doesn’t want a close bond with the animal and only worries that it has a roof over their head and food. A great disadvantage, bad smelling. We get use to it and don’t even notice it. 

A locked up cat cannot satisfy their tendencies outside the house. Therefore, the dangers that threaten their life are small. Inside the house, strong instincts claim their rights, however, they have to stay in the couch and purr like a good cat. 

I doubt the possibility of closing hermetically the house for a cat. And once it has escaped, don’t count on it coming back. Cats are capable of receiving education, but they wont stop marking territory on the furniture. Both of you start living parallel lives that have no meaning for any of the implied ones. 

Locking up a sexual mature cat neither does any justice to the animal nor makes sense from a person’s point of view. The room will soon smell like a typical cat nursery and the animal’s behavior disorders will manifest sooner or later.

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