The Tabby Pattern Persian Cat

The following group of Persians include those that present tabby marks, of a blotched type, dotted, tiger like, speckled and tiger like tortoise. In all these varieties it is required a well-defined figure in form of an M on the forehead.

In the case of the brownish tabby, you can observe on the background an intense gilded tone and jet-black marks.

The red Persian presents a rich contrast of marks of an intense red color over a background of between cream and red.

The amazing silver tabby has jet-black marks over the silver (a light gray). The blue presents blue marks over a bluish white background and in the cream two different tones of cream appear over a lighter background.

The Persians of tortoise color, resulting from accidental crossings between Persian males and short hair females of tortoise color and without pedigree, have enjoyed of popularity on both sides of the Atlantic since the beginning of the feline exhibitions.

As almost all the cats of this type are female and the few existing, male cats area always sterile, these varieties are difficult to breed, due that you have to apply for the mating to males of a bicolor type.

The blue tortoise constitutes a diluted form of the authentic tortoise color, exclusive to females. The calico variety so called by its presumed resemblance to the cotton print cloth of the same name, is also exclusive to females. It also can appear on the same litter a diluted version, the variety of blue calico.

In the common calico variety, the black, red and cream stains are distributed through the entire cloak, intercalated with white, and you can also observe a touch of cream or white on the nose.

The following group is formed by the so called bicolor. They must be white at the feet, paws, belly, chest and snout, but the white color must not occupy nor more than half of the cloak nor less than a third. The white can combine with any other color, but the distribution of the white and this second color must be symmetric.

Doted Varieties
And last there are the dotted varieties, classified according to the grade of dots that each cloak presents. Those who present a greater grade of dots are the smoke, a variety that has had a mismatching luck.

Since the beginning of the feline exhibitions in Great Britain this cats had a great acceptance, but afterwards it had its downs and ups, in part by the difficulties in maintaining the race during the Second World War. From the sixties and on the population of this race recuperated its numbers. However, in North America there has never been a lack of interest for the smoke variety in the smoke variety, the dotted of color extends itself up you half the length of each hair and it contrasts with the white under fur that, in good specimens, is only observed when in movement. When still, the smoke must seem of solid colors.

The colors that are usually recognized are the black, blue, red (cameo), cream, and tortoise and blue tortoise.

In the shaded varieties, the dotted extends itself to one fourth of the hair on the dorsum, sides, legs and tail.

The colors recognized are the shaded silver (black dotted over pure white), shaded golden (brownish dotted over cream), shaded red (red dotted over pure white), shaded tortoise (tortoise marks over pure white), and pewter (similar to the shaded silver but with orange eyes or copper instead of green).

In the chinchillas or cameos, the dotted is black over pure white; there also exists the varieties of tortoise chinchilla, cameo blue tortoise and cameo tabby, and each one with its corresponding pattern over white.

Besides all of these varieties, the international feline federation also recognized the varieties of van, harlequin and color point.

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