Things to Keep in Mind when Cat Breeding

Due to the antisocial custom that non castrated males have of urinating to mark their territory, breeding cats is not as practical as breeding other kind of small animals, and to buy a pair of cats to leave them mate is usually not the ideal solution.

There are two options. On one side, you can let your cat go out to exterior world, but this decision is not very responsible; but on the other side, if you have any reserve or if your cat is pedigreed, you might want to mate her with a real stud. Here the important thing is to find an experienced male.

Female cats, overall at their first sexual encounter, are usually very fierce after the act, and males with experience know very well how to answer to these violent rages.

Anyway, in the practice, the news of the pregnancy of a cat is usually unexpected, without the owner having the opportunity of planning everything before hand.

Sexual Instincts
The cats’ first heat comes at any moment between the fourth and twelfth month of age, although in domestic cats it usually takes place in between the sixth and the eighth month.

During the heat stage, the behavior denominated “the call” is produced, in which the cat is specially affectionate, walks around the room and is anxious to go of the house, it meows every time more and when you caress her she rises the third posterior and the tail, position that afterwards she will assume in front of the male before being mounted. In extreme cases, female cats in heat jump through the window or escape at the slightest sign of an open door.

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