Trapped Cats

A cat that has gotten trapped on a roof or a tree and that has had to be saved by firemen is always news at the local paper, but the truth is that these are isolate cases. Cats are intelligent creatures that know when it is feasible to adventure themselves to places that are beyond their possibilities. But, sometimes it might occur in the heat of a persecution, especially when he is the one being persecuted. The first thing is not to panic, and of course don’t call the fire department until there is no other solution.

Almost all cats trapped on high places first analyze the situation and, after some intent, they almost always find a way to climb back to the ground. Sometimes they take days, but it is better to leave them alone, that they don’t feel being observed, because they will probably find a way out at any moment.

Putting a plate of food is a good incentive, and when the cat returns, observe if he presents symptoms of light commotion or injuries.

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