Turk Angora Characteristics and Character

The distinctive features of the Turk angora are its graceful and fluid movements. It has a medium size, long but robust legs and small and well-outlined feet. The cloak is of a medium length and of fine hair. It has a shiny and silky aspect, and a tendency to undulate at the inferior part of the body.

It lacks from the smooth and silky under fur of the Persian, so it is easier to comb.

The Turk angora usually changes in a quick way abundant hair in the summer and recovers it with the same quickness in autumn. The ideal head is broad, with a not very pronounce triangular shape, straight nose without a stop, and big pointed ears on the superior part of the head. In good specimens of exhibition, the tips of the ears and of the chin form a perfect triangle.

The tail is long and thin, somewhat pointed and it ends in a silky crest of hair. The Turk angora usually puts its tail in an horizontal way over its loins, in a way that the tip almost touches the head.

The white variety, in spite of its popularity, presents the same tendency to deafness than does the white Persian, overall if the eyes are of mix matching colors.

In general terms, you can obtain all the known colors of cloak as for the Persian cat.

The Turk angora is a lively and intelligent cat, and responds well to games. He adapts well and is a loyal and affective company animal, of renowned tameness.

In nature, four whelps usually form the litter but in the British variety the numbers tend to be more.

The whelps develop quickly, they open their eyes before than the Persians and they begin to play as soon as they can move.

The adult hair ends it’s developing at the age of two years, although in same cases the process can last up to five years.

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