Unpleasant Cat Odors

Healthy cats look well taken care of and smell good, even without the help of people. Therefore, it’s unpleasant when cats have a disgusting smell when living with people. We must see what the cause is. First to live in peace without any bad smells around us and second something must be wrong and it must not be entirely healthy if it smells bad. To determine where the bad odor is coming from, I would choose from a classification that seems primitive, but gives important indications and, if needed, it can be completed by an examination by a veterinarian. 

Front smell
It is not rare to smell a bad odor coming from the mouth. First I would think it could be caries or dental wounds. But theses are easy to verify. Possible gum sores are more difficult to detect. When they exist, they are an indication of a feline chronic cold. You can perceive an unmistakable bad breath? If general condition worsens, a veterinarian must see the animal. Nevertheless, if it is in a good mood, then the remedy will be chlorophyll paste.

Rear smell
It is almost always diarrhea. Some excrement remains stay adhered around the anus and smell terribly afterwards. Besides treating diarrhea, you must clean around that whole area and cut all the hair that surrounds the anus. In females, genital organs must also be controlled. If smelly secretions exist, it’s an indication of a uterus disease, which has to be attended by a veterinarian. It can occur that the womb inflammation can happen at the same time as diarrhea.

Generalized smell
Do you feed your cat old fish or remains of fish? I don’t object, but you should be wondering about that smell that goes through their skin. It doesn’t help bathing it or giving those bath bubbles, it just causes an undeserved bother for them.

Do you give them prepared food and they still smell like fish? Have you ever seen how their litter box is? Do not save in sand that fixes the smell. It’s difficult that a cat can smell better than his litter box. Do you think that front part of the body smells good and the middle and rear smell terrible? Do not use any deodorant aerosols or perfume. Bathing them also is very bothersome and scares them. The remedy would be using chlorophyll paste. They usually take it without any problems and the paste will eliminate any strong corporal odor. Friends of nature say you can find the same effects in dactylic glomerata that are sold in drops. The dietetic effect is indisputable, though I doubt that it will work to get rid of any strong bad odor. 

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