Wild Kittens

The east access to a prey is an important factor, due that when the whelps are born the mother doesn’t want to leave them alone for more than a few minutes. The period of gestation lasts about nine weeks. After that birth, the mother cleanses the whelp and then swallows the umbilical cord and the placenta.

In the following weeks, she feeds, cares and teaches her litter, although it is also possible for her not to take notice  or to let die those whelps that are weak or have some defect.

When the mother recovers her strength, she moves the liter to a new destiny. This means that the basic family nucleus of free cats is composed of the mother and its litter.

When the whelps reach the sexual maturity, in about six months, they go away searching for males or females to mate and the cycle starts again.

The males, with their known promiscuity, travel long distances, while the young females stay nearer to their home, although in their own territory.

However, both are within the social structure of their respective territories that are base in good part in the competence for food and the sexual partners.

Social Groups
The hierarchy of the females is bases upon the number of whelps each has, this way a dominant females is usually the most sexually active cat of more age. In each social group, some females are from the same litter and have contact since born, so the group shows a natural cohesion.

In the moment of birth, the mother situates herself temporarily in the main place of the social order, before occupying a new place when the whelps stop suckling. Sometimes, another mother with litter helps clean the newborn, collaborates with its care and teaching, and takes them food.

A wild male has more difficulties to integrate itself in the adult world, due that they must literary fight for the territory and confront rival males. To observe this fights can be impressionable and to interfere is frequently dangerous.

The typical image for a wild male cat with one eye, with a torn ear or important facial scars is product of these fights, which can last between these males during several nights. After several confrontations the male makes himself a place in the hierarchy, but can be confronted with new fights if he wishes to improve its status or he will challenge a rival to mate with a female.

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